Saturday 28 March 2015

ENTANGLEMENT submissions for listening

A listening room is a place where we listen and talk about what we hear.

Our third listening session is under the heading of "Entanglement." Today, in networked societies we are bound to become entangled with a myriad of things, people, and processes that can play on multiple aspects of artistic practice. Sound in essence is entangled, through spatial, physical, therefore harmonic and aesthetic inclinations it entangles separated from its source in air to produce the thing that ends up touching us. Yet entanglement need to necessarily refer to media, entanglement is everywhere, and not only conceptually, for example different plants entangle as they grow, snakes weave into each other as they hibernate. Every type of variation of entanglement is possible on many levels in both the digital and analog realms. So, what is entanglement? How are we related through it? What aspects can sound or music reveal of this as we listen? How can we hear it?

The call is open to everyone, and we will listen to everything that is sent to us. Sessions normally last from a few hours to a day, and everyone is free to come and go as they please. If you wish to submit sounds or music please email us clearly stating as your subject ENTANGLEMENT SUBMISSION to alisteningroom (at) if you wish to submit something which is not online please wetransfer (etc) it to the same address, again clearly stating the subject. If you wish to write something about your submission please feel free to so do.

Ongoing submissions.

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