Wednesday 13 April 2016

CLIMATE CHANGE submissions for listening

CLIMATE CHANGE submissions for A Listening Room. A total of 54 pieces and 374.7 minutes, including single works as well as albums and scores. The theme is curated by Timo Tuhkanen.

I am finding it harder and harder to come to terms with what happens when we discuss climate change and how whatever we talk about seems unable to come to terms with the enormity of what it means to change society in a way which would react fundamentally to the information being told. So I will just reiterate the questions I felt compelled to as when deciding that I must act towards making climate change clearer. Thus, what is my relationship to global warming, do I need to think about it, does my relation in fact only exist through media? What is our response, or what should be our response? Should be politicize it, where will this lead? How do we mobilize action? Where does sound come into play in our relation to climate change? Where does sound come into play in my relation to what I hear about it and what makes me fear climate change? Is climate change even real? How do I sense it? What about resources, can we manage them better? Are sounds resources? Can we raise awareness in communities inside and outside the music and art space? Should this be something we need to think about? How do these questions affect the work we produce? Should it? What will sound be in the future? Is sound already nostalgic? Can sound react beyond the archival?

Hopefully the submissions will open this up further for everyone.

1) Splashy the Blame-Shifter
Misty Wave 5:14

2) Marc Jensen
Earthquake Music 11:00

3) Softday
Amhrán na mBeach (Song of the Bee) 3:05

4) Elizaveta Sanicheva
Three Interludes fragment 1 7:46

5) Joelle Wallach
Towards a Time of Renewal II 5:55

6) Anne Phillips
What Are We Doing To Our World 4:05
Mp3 recording

7) Robert Cohen, author of lyrics Ronald W. Cadmus
The Beauty of Life 2:45
Mp3 recording

8) Douglas Vuncannon
Sinfonietta Fukushima 6:27

9)  Tom White
Scales/Patterns 17:59

10) Guillaume Chappez
Forêt-Noire 4:56
Mp3 recording

11) Gabriel Malancioiu
Für Enescu 4:46

12) Miguel Bareilles
AGUA 10:00

13) Spiegel Sound
Buenos Aires 26-12-2015 15-01 subway air con 9:36

14) Tamerlan
 For Listening Room
rar file

15) Agustin Castilla-Ávila
The Rest is Silence 50:00

16) Anja Kanngieser and Daniel Jenatsch
A Story of Extinction 21:54

17) D. Ellis Elzie II
Meaningless 11:20

18) Mike Ring
The Everlasting Water Rose 13:52

19) Joi Veer
Sands of Time 5:21

20) Gabriel Mora
Duppy Sea 10:01

21) Maria Lepistö
Disproportionate Desire 17:28

22) Kyle Stewart
Gong Song 8:24

23) Stéphane Marin
Dégel 6:11

24) João Fernandes
Nature Liquida 3:02

25) Carlos Delgado
Prelude To The Fifth Sun 8:36

26) Frank Horvat
Working with the Sun 2:00
Earth Hour 60:00

27) Jesse Kenas-Collin
Simultaneous Exhibitions 7:48

28) Darren P Schmidt
Snow Walk 1:35

29) Ryan Thomas O'Connell
Chamberlain 7:10

30) Chris Williams
Trees of India

31) Jonathan Russ
Ten Feet 3:17

32) Gene Pritsker
Natural 6:19

33) Gautam Ramesh
Artificial Nature 2:03

34) Kallie Marie
Thaw 5:44

35) Julia Bejarano López
Caracola 10:17

36) Simone Cardini
Fracking per Ensemble 9:42

37) Mike McFerron
An Interrupted Memory 8:00

38) Jason Doell
Our Lovèd Dominion Bless 11:49

39) Jenn Kirby
A New Nature 6:59

40) Ryan Suleiman
Drought 9:27
Droplets 4:00
Imageries 11:03

41) Claude LeBelge
Waves AAC 2:56

42) Francis Heery
Cascade 6:41

43) Susan Ann Brewster
Rainbucket 4:49

44) Susanna Paisio
Canto Della Terra 2:37

45) Kala Pierson
Glacial Fragment 2:23

46) Nico Wyland
VVS 1  4:22

47) Gretchen Jude
Up Lightning Creek 3:43

48) Melody Eötvös
Patoises: Blue 9:02

49) Byron Au Yong
Kidnapping Water (exerpt) 1:14

50) André De Brito
Lost Sea

51) Laura Aish
Traversing the Cave 3:40

52) SonosFera
Stephanie - Wind Storm 1:45

 53) Davide Wang
Unfolding 6:13

54) Chin Ting Chan
Whispers of Time 13:56

55) Crystal Favel
The Ravenous Storm 12:34
Mp3 and listening guide pdf

56) Alexei Borisov, Sergey Kostyrko, Eugeny Lykov
Greshny Cheloveche (Грешный человече) 4:09


44) James Hesford
Flutecircle 6:51