Tuesday 18 March 2014

A listening room is a place where we listen and talk about what we hear.

The second theme in a listening room is Organisation.

Why should something feel more organised, or better organised, then something else? This sensation of things being in order has always been fascinating and has fascinated many fields or art and research. But what does this mean for the ears for which things unfold over time, like objects that pass before ones eyes one at a time?Visually organisation is in the focus point of the eye and the subsequent somewhat cyclical movement of the eyes around the composed materials. This when it calms the mind appears as "organised". Is it possible to "view" music in this sense? Is there something natural in musical organisation? Must this organisation be connected to development, something that is naturally fostered in music? To have an idea into what ones senses are always led into over and over again? Can this be thought of as the definition of a sense of a tonal centre as it appears in traditional harmony?

The call is open to everyone, and we attempt to listen to everything that is sent to us as time permits. Sessions last a day, and everyone is free to come and go as they please.If you wish to submit sounds or music please email us clearly stating as your subject ORGANISATION SUBMISSION to alisteningroom (at) gmail.com if you wish to submit something which is not online please wetransfer it to the same address, again clearly stating the subject and your name in the message box. If you wish to write something about your submission please feel free to so do. All works will be published on our site and the sounds which are online will be linked.

The date of the session will be announced soon.

Fresh Chinese tee will be served during every session.

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